Our Huge Announcement: Join Our New Winning With Shopify Community!

Our Huge Announcement: Join Our New Winning With Shopify Community!

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In today’s episode, Nick reveals his biggest announcement yet! Explore the brand new Growth Hub brought to you by WInning With Shopify and sign up to the community today.

Meet Lee

Lee brings a wealth of experience in community building. Over the last 12 years, he has worked with various brands and agencies, making him the perfect fit for our team. Their journey together began three to four months ago when Nick gave Lee a challenge: to transform the podcast's one-way traffic into a more interactive and engaging experience. Lee’s mission was to discover our listeners' real pain points and find innovative ways to address them.

The Research Journey

For the first four to six weeks, Lee interviewed many of our listeners and clients to understand their daily challenges and pain points. From these conversations, it became clear that many felt isolated in their operations and struggled with accessing credible expertise quickly. Issues like inventory management and technical problems were common, and it became evident that a more interactive community could be a solution.

Our Solution

Together they realised the need for a community where members can share insights and solutions. Here are some key features of our new platform:

1. Webinars and Roundtables
We'll host regular webinars featuring industry experts, including live Q&As. Additionally, we'll have roundtable discussions on common themes, guided by experts.

2. Networking and Hot Seat Coaching Sessions
We’ll organise networking calls where members can share experiences and challenges. Hot seat coaching sessions will provide personalised support from experts.

3. Vetted Expert Access
Access to vetted industry experts is a cornerstone of our community. We've built a network of credible professionals who have agreed to offer their expertise.

4. Accountability and Mastermind Groups
We're introducing accountability and mastermind groups to help you achieve your goals. Studies show a 90% increase in goal achievement with proper accountability.

Joining the Community

Our community is designed for brands generating a minimum of $20,000 per month. If you're close to this threshold, don't hesitate to apply. We might still let you in, especially if we believe we can help you reach that benchmark quickly. For those not yet meeting this requirement, there will still be valuable resources and opportunities to join webinars and receive newsletters.

Free Access

The best part? It's free to join. Head over to winningwithshopify.com, click on the "Community" button, and fill out the form to join our waiting list. We’ll moderate entries to ensure a high-quality, supportive environment.

Final Thoughts

We’re thrilled to launch this new community and look forward to helping you grow your business. Thank you for your ongoing support, and stay tuned for more exciting updates.
Join us on this journey and be part of something truly transformative. Fill out the form on our website, and let's start solving your business challenges together!

Thanks for reading, and welcome to the Winning with Shopify community!
Check out the full Announcement Podcast here.
This episode was brought to you by Nick Trueman, Director of PPC & SEO Agency Spec Digital
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