Transforming Socks and Saving Animals: The Inspiring Journey of Bare Kind

Transforming Socks and Saving Animals: The Inspiring Journey of Bare Kind

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In this week’s podcast, we had the pleasure of speaking with Lucy, the founder of Bare Kind, a unique e-commerce business that sells socks to save animals. Bare Kind started with the idea of selling reusable straws to reduce single-use plastic, but it has since evolved into a brand that sells bamboo socks to save animals. The company donates 10% of its profits to animal charities, with each design supporting a specific animal.

How Lucy Started & Grew Bare Kind

Lucy’s entrepreneurial journey began in an unexpected place: the banking industry. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to turn her side hustle into a full-time business. Bare Kind initially sold reusable straws to reduce single-use plastic. Inspired by a viral video of a turtle with a straw stuck in its nose, Lucy created turtle-themed socks, donating a portion of the profits to the Turtle Foundation. Customers loved the idea, and the business grew from there.

How Do You Have a Green Business?

Running a green business requires transparency and dedication to sustainable practices. Lucy emphasised that while Bare Kind isn’t claiming to be the most sustainable product, they focus on long-term goals like creating a completely circular sock. The business model includes donating 10% of profits to animal charities, demonstrating a commitment to making a real impact. Lucy believes that true change also requires actions from large companies and governments, but small businesses play a crucial role in driving collective action.

USPs & Buying Decisions

While Bare Kind’s charitable aspect is a strong selling point, Lucy highlighted that the quality of the product is paramount. Customers primarily want high-quality, comfortable socks. Bare Kind shifted its marketing to emphasise the product’s features, such as Cloud9 Comfort technology. The unique selling point (USP) lies in the combination of a great product and a meaningful cause. Each sock design supports a specific animal charity, making the purchase feel personal and impactful for customers.

Building The Behind The Scenes Of A Brand

Engaging customers with behind-the-scenes content is a powerful way to build a loyal community. Lucy found success with live sessions on TikTok, where she shares everything from receiving new samples to visiting retailers. This transparency and personal connection resonate with customers, making them feel involved in the brand’s journey. Additionally, Bare Kind’s Facebook group serves as a platform for sharing stories and gathering feedback, further strengthening customer relationships.

How Bare Kind Understood Who Their Target Customers Are

Understanding their customer base was a crucial step for Bare Kind. Through surveys and direct feedback, Lucy discovered that their products are primarily bought as gifts. This insight led to strategies like offering bundle deals, especially during the holiday season. Recognising that the gift-buying demographic is often women purchasing for their families, Bare Kind tailored its marketing to appeal to these key buyers.

The Power of Negotiation

Negotiation plays a vital role in managing costs and ensuring profitability. Initially, Lucy found it challenging to negotiate with suppliers. However, as the business grew, she gained leverage in the supply chain. By negotiating better payment terms and adding new manufacturers, Bare Kind improved its financial stability. Lucy’s approach highlights the importance of not being afraid to walk away from deals that don’t align with the business’s needs.
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