Why Brands Hit a Brick Wall With Growth

Why Brands Hit a Brick Wall With Growth

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Today, we're diving into an intriguing topic: why do brands often hit a growth plateau, particularly in Google advertising (PPC) and SEO? Drawing from 16 years of industry experience and collaborations with over a thousand brands, Nick shares his insights and case studies to illuminate common obstacles and their solutions.

The Role of Finance in Business Planning

One major roadblock is when finance teams lead decision-making over marketing teams. Brands often struggle when financial controllers focus solely on immediate ROI, stifling creativity and essential testing. Successful businesses often adopt a more balanced approach, allowing room for experimentation and gradual improvement.

Knowing How to Move and Improve Tech Stacks

Technology can be a significant growth barrier. As your business scales, ensure your tech stack integrates seamlessly with all necessary platforms. Making strategic decisions about when and how to move to different tech solutions is crucial to avoid painful transitions that can hinder growth.

Over-Reliance on a Single Channel

Relying too heavily on one marketing channel, such as Google Ads, can be detrimental. If that channel underperforms or faces issues, your business could suffer significantly. Diversify your marketing efforts across various channels like SEO, email, social media, and influencers to mitigate risks.

Doubling Down on Marketing to Your Customers' Needs

Understanding and catering to your customers' actual use cases can transform your marketing strategy. Conduct surveys and gather feedback to know precisely how your products fit into your customers' lives. This knowledge allows you to tailor your marketing campaigns more effectively.

How to Market to the Right People

Segment your audience based on their specific needs and behaviours. Different groups within your customer base may require distinct marketing approaches. By identifying and targeting these segments accurately, you can enhance engagement and loyalty.

Evolving Your Business with Your Customer

Stay attuned to how your customers' behaviours and preferences evolve. For example, younger generations may prefer using TikTok or WhatsApp for communication. Adapting to these changes ensures you stay relevant and maintain customer engagement. Additionally, encourage your customers to evolve with you through innovative marketing campaigns.

Running Out of Creativity

Brands often hit a creative wall when generating content. The key is to remain innovative and draw inspiration from the broader e-commerce world. Engage with industry communities, attend webinars, and listen to podcasts to keep your ideas fresh and relevant.

Testing: Don’t Do the Same Thing Over and Over

Testing is crucial for growth. Avoid the trap of repeating the same strategies simply because they worked in the past. Constantly run A/B tests and experiments to discover new, effective tactics. Embrace failures as learning opportunities to refine your approach.
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